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Real Talk About Makeup in 2024...

In the expanding world of makeup products, the options can feel overwhelming...

Let's take it back to the basics.


"B" - Brushes and Blending

Having good-quality makeup brushes will make the application so much easier. Invest in tools rather than products. You can find tons of inexpensive, great-quality brushes online. Blending is going to be your best friend. Face makeup look blotchy? Blend it out more. Eyeshadow not smooth? Keep blending! Blending your makeup takes time, so be patient and trust the process!

"A" - Application & Artistry

When applying your makeup, don't be afraid to get creative! It's only makeup; if you hate it wash it off! Try experimenting with different eyeshadow colors or even trying fake lashes or a new style! Makeup shouldn't be intimidating. Your skills only improve if you practice! Having great-quality brushes will make your application a million times easier - thank me later😉

"S" - Skin Prep

Whether you wear makeup daily or only once in a while, prepping your skin is extremely important. Without proper preparation, your makeup will get oily, break down, move, crease, etc. A simple face moisturizer would be the most basic skin prep I recommend. Beginners don't worry about primer.

Dry skin = extra moisturizer + exfoliating if severe

Normal = moisturizer

Oily = moisturizer (if advanced, can add an "anti-

shine" or mattifying primer after moisturizing)

"I" - Individuality

You know your taste and style better than anyone. The cool thing about makeup is you get to tailor it to your exact wants! There are no rules to makeup, especially now that we're in 2024! Only want to wear concealer? Go for it! Want to wear rhinestones and feathers on your face? Do it! "MEZI is more than just a makeup brand; it's a celebration of artistry"

"C" - Contour & Color Correcting

Contouring can be very intimidating to a lot of people. For basic makeup, I recommend skipping this step. Contouring can help change the face shape, however, you're still following your natural anatomy so it's only enhancing what's already there. Color correcting is great for professional photos/tv. For the average person wearing makeup, you don't need color correcting. If you have any trouble areas you need to correct (dark circles or super red acne) simply use a fuller coverage foundation/concealer or add thin layers for more coverage.

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