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Predicted Makeup Trends for 2024

In the world of beauty and fashion, color plays a pivotal role in shaping trends and influencing styles. Pantone, the global authority on color, has announced "Peach Fuzz" as the Color of the Year for 2024.

As we reflect on the makeup trends of 2023, which were heavily influenced by 90s grunge but softened with light browns and warm shades, 2024 is poised to embrace a brighter, more optimistic future. Futuristic fun makeup is set to take center stage, offering a playful and imaginative approach to beauty. Expect bold and unconventional looks, incorporating metallics, holographic elements, and avant-garde designs. The transition from the subdued tones of the past to the vibrancy of the future reflects our collective aspiration for a better and more exciting tomorrow. Here were the top trends we saw on the runways (runways always showcase future collections. For example, in the summer designers are showcasing fall/winter looks):

  1. Dewy Hydrated Skin: The Peach Fuzz trend isn't just about the color; it's also about embodying a radiant and dewy complexion. Spring and summer are all about embracing a natural glow, and this year's Pantone choice perfectly aligns with the desire for luminous, hydrated skin. Achieving this look involves incorporating hydrating primers, light-reflecting foundations, and dewy setting sprays to create a fresh and youthful appearance.

  2. Peachy Blush Magic: Unveiling the magic of Peach Fuzz in the realm of blush, we can expect a surge in peachy blush shades dominating makeup routines. This warm and inviting hue complements various skin tones, adding a sun-kissed flush to the cheeks. Peachy blushes provide a subtle radiance that enhances the overall dewy aesthetic, creating a harmonious and natural look.

  3. Pops of Colors: Spring and summer are synonymous with vibrant and playful colors. The Peach Fuzz trend shows more natural, glossy lips with more focus on bold eyes. Think bright and vivid eyeshadows, lip shades, and nail colors that contrast beautifully with the soft peach undertones. Experimenting with unexpected color combinations will be a key element in creating eye-catching and lively looks.

  4. Colored Eyeliner: One of the biggest trends we saw were colored eyeliners.. Soft pastels and vibrant shades can be used to create captivating eyeliner looks, adding a fun and youthful twist to your eyes. Whether you opt for a subtle hint or a bold stroke, colored eyeliner is a versatile trend that allows for creativity and individual expression.

  5. Ombre Magic: From gradient lip colors to blended eyeshadows, incorporating ombre effects creates a mesmerizing and dimensional appearance. You could even incorporate a two-toned colored ombre eyeliner for a fun, unique twist.

  6. Graphic Liner: Bold and graphic eyeliner looks continue to reign supreme in the makeup world. Experiment with geometric shapes, artistic lines, and abstract patterns. Our eyeliner palette is water-based, so if you make a mistake or don't like your look, simply remove it with water and try again!

  7. Asymmetrical Eyeshadow: Breaking away from traditional eyeshadow application, asymmetrical eyeshadow takes center stage. Embrace a modern and unconventional approach by applying eyeshadow asymmetrically, allowing the color to blend seamlessly across the lids. This technique adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining a playful and trendy vibe. Play with graphic eyeliner with asymmetrical eyeshadow for a creative, bold futuristic look!

  8. Colorful Lashes/Mascara: After months of spotlighting bleached brows and bedazzled arches, it's now the turn for eyelashes to take center stage. Models at the Prada Fall 2023 show fluttered long falsies in vibrant shades of blue, pink, and purple, showcasing a delightful dance of color. If graphic eyeliner scares you, try one of our glitter/colored lashes! They are just like regular falsies, but have a tiny amount of color and glitter toward the end creating a dazzling effect on the eyes!

Amidst these exciting trends, MEZI Cosmetics stands out with its innovative approach to makeup. Our eyeliner palette boasts a spectrum of colorful shades, perfectly in line with the pops of color and graphic liner trends. Additionally, elevate your look with our glitter lashes, adding a touch of sparkle and futurism to your eyes. MEZI Cosmetics is your go-to brand for staying on-trend in 2024, offering products that blend seamlessly with the spirit of the season. Embrace the future of beauty with MEZI, where creativity knows no bounds. "MEZI is more than just a makeup brand; it's a celebration of artistry."

Beautiful makeup looks created using our products

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