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Choosing the Right Lash Style for Every Occasion

Lashes have the remarkable ability to transform your look from subtle elegance to glamorous drama. With numerous styles available, it can be overwhelming to select the ideal pair for different occasions. Fear not! We're here to guide you through choosing the perfect lash style to complement every event on your calendar.

1. Natural Beauty for Everyday Wear: For your everyday routine or casual outings, opt for natural-looking lashes like our style “Sweetheart”. These offer a delicate enhancement to your lashes, providing a fuller look without being too dramatic. They’re very lightweight and not too long. The lashes get slightly longer towards the outer corners, providing a natural lifting effect.

2. Office-Ready Confidence: No matter what your occupation is, choosing the right style of lashes will give you the quickest confidence booster! Our styles “Sweetheart" and "Knockout" strike a balance between natural and noticeable. They add a touch of sophistication without overpowering your overall look, making them ideal for the workplace. “Sweetheart” is the smallest style we offer. “Knockout” is slightly longer, however they don’t have as much of a curl compared to “Sweetheart”. These lashes are ideal for those who’s natural lashes have a hard time holding a curl, or for those who simply want a little more length without the volume/drama.

3. Glamorous Events and Parties: When attending special occasions or glamorous events, go for lashes that make a statement. We have a few different styles that are more on the dramatic side. Our style "Viral" is still dramatic but nowhere near our other styles "Hollywood" and “CEO”. “Viral” is great for those who aren’t ready for too dramatic styles but still want to be glam. They boast fuller volume and length, perfect for parties, weddings, or an evening out.

4. Romantic Dates or Intimate Gatherings: For a romantic dinner or an intimate gathering, choose lashes that emphasize your eyes without being too flashy. Our "Knockout" or "Sweetheart" styles add subtle allure and enhance your natural beauty.

5. Red Carpet-Worthy Drama: When you want to captivate an audience or make a bold entrance, select lashes that exude drama. "CEO" or "Hollywood" styles bring intense volume and length, perfect for events where you want all eyes on you. Now if you really want to be daring, add a pop of sparkle to your lashes so when the camera flashes on you, everyone will be sure to stare! Browse through our 5 styles of glitter lashes! They also have a touch of color to really enhance one’s look.

Once you choose the right lash style, you must measure it correctly for proper placement. Here is a phenomenal tutorial where I explain in great detail how to properly measure, cut and apply your lashes:


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